Skiing is an amazing activity to be enjoyed in the winter months. Throughout the season, seasoned as well as hobbyist skiers try to push the boundaries by taking on challenging slopes to accomplish great feats of skill. And now thanks to the easy availability of action cameras, you can now capture those thrilling moments while enjoying heli skiing British Columbia slopes. These videos help you to relive those moments again and again.

Explore simple and advanced models

Choosing a good action camera for your needs is not very difficult as there are so many models on the market to fit your need and budget. There can be no compromise on capturing and saving the enthralling heliskiing moments whether it be your solo trip, or with your family or with your emotional support pet. Yes, you can plan your heliskiing trip with your emotional support buddy, for that an esa certification is the only requirement and you can rest assure your exciting and thrilling adventure ahead by accompanying with an impeccable camera. There are simple models that do not cost much and are virtually unbreakable. There are also more advanced models that you can use to get a variety of video effects and much better quality even when you’re wearing an el wire costume.

Go for a helmet-mounted camera

To get the most out of your action camera experience, you should get a helmet-mounted camera. This type of camera is widely available, but you might need to purchase a mount separately. Secondly, you should also check if your skiing helmet can support the weight of a mount and action camera. This should not really be a problem as most action cameras are quite small and lightweight. Wearing one of these cameras and skiing down the slopes, you can capture the exciting scenes of whizzing down and capturing the spray of the snow as you speed down.

Find a high-resolution camera

Some other things that you need to bear in mind when using an action camera for skiing is to get the right resolution. Since you would be running down the slopes at high speeds, your camera resolution needs to be of a high level so that the images can be captured clearly, without much blurring of the picture quality. Usually, a resolution of 10 megapixels or more is good enough for a skiing camera. Having good image stabilization features, water resistant covering and a long battery life are other things that you should ensure are present in your action camera.

Select the right mount for desired view

When choosing a mount for your camera, you need to keep in mind a couple of things. There are many options you can choose from. As mentioned previously, you can use a mount to fix your camera on any part of your body as long as you are feeling comfortable and getting the desired view. On the market, you’ll easily find mounts that can be fitted to your skiing helmet, snowboard or even on your chest. In fact, there you’ll also find small mounts that can fit on your ski poles. Choosing the right mount will give you maximum utility while recording the best skiing adventures.

Invest in secondary support tools

So now that you’ve decided what type of mount you want, there are some additional steps you can take to prevent the camera from falling off while skiing. There can be sudden turns or shocks on the slopes that can cause the camera to lose its footing and drop in the snow. To avoid this, you should invest in some useful accessories that can help to affix the camera very securely to the mount. Tethers are quite a handy option that serve as a secondary support tool while your mount serves as the primary base for your action camera. Even if the mount is not fitted well, and becomes dislodged for some reason, the tethers will hold your camera to the helmet and prevent it from falling.

Another useful tip is to invest in a good stabilizer. These devices come with some phones as well as separately. This helps when you are moving with a camera in your hand and need to avoid those jerky movements that come due to human movement. They come with a wristband that connects to your wrist and an additional tether that can be clipped to your bag or backpack.

Make sure you have the right camera settings to get the best quality video of your skiing adventures. Make sure the sensors are activated and your frame is set so that you do not get those ugly black edges in your frame. Use a ratio sensor so that it can stretch your video to fill in the frame completely and you get perfect picture quality at all times. Apart from the camera considerations, another important thing for heading towards heliskiing trip is to get your physical and mental health checked. There might be some health concerns that should be taken keenly but are not being taken into consideration. For e.g. you must understand if you have height phobia or not, or some other mental health issue, get yourself tested before if there is anything significant like that of maybe an adult add test or heart disease concerns or any other. Once health is rest assured you can then enjoy your heliskiing trip and capture each of the best moments you in your camera lens to preserve for lifetime.